BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. Her portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. To announce her re-entry and have a sound footing in Nigeria and the West African region, the company needed an event of world class standard to launch the office opening in Nigeria.

The grand opening event in Lagos saw leaders of industry and major stakeholders in Nigeria in attendance, culminating in the total success of the re-opening.


NLNGNigeria LNG Limited (NLNG)

Nigeria LNG Limited is a global LNG company established to harness Nigeria’s vast natural gas resources and produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for export.
We monitor and deliver to their Corporate Communications and Public Affairs department daily media report as well as a monthly/quarterly report which analyses the outcome of the media content and environmental scanning services we render on their behalf.


vitafoamVitafoam Nigeria Plc
Vitafoam is the leading manufacturer of foam and bedding materials in the country. It is the only foam manufacturer with a variety of lifestyle products, in addition to the traditional beds and pillows in her enduring commitment to always meet the customer’s need for comfort.

Since the level of comfort one can get from these products, is limited by one’s health and state of mind, Vitafoam decided to create a platform through which it could successfully educate Nigerians on simple health tips and hygiene practices in order to fully enjoy the benefits of her wide range of products and be in a position to take an informed buying decision.

The result was our creation of a 5minutes Radio programme – ‘Your Vitafoam Day Review’ that is broadcast across the nation on radio stations. With scripts written by Medical Doctors, the programme addresses good sleep and simple hygienic practices that will ensure total comfort and vitality on any Vitafoam’s products.

Apart from handling the company’s media relations assignments which is on a project-by-project basis, we also manage and produce the company’s house magazine – ‘Vitafoam News’.

When the company turned 50 in 2012 the PR programme and management of the series of events to usher in the celebrations were handled by the Agency. This culminated in the production of a 150-page book and a film documentary that was broadcast on National TV.

piecemaker3FirstBank of Nigeria Plc
FirstBank is the biggest bank in Nigeria and therefore attracts huge media reportage. We monitor and deliver to their Corporate Communications department daily media reports of the Group and competitors’ mentions, other business and economic news and main front page story in the print media.

In addition and of importance to FirstBank is the provision of a monthly/quarterly report which analyses the media content and narratives of all banks while benchmarking her results against competitors. With useful monthly insights, the reports, among other benefits, have helped the bank to prioritise her news items, track negative reportage and respond accordingly. It has also further strengthened her relationship with major news writers.

piecemaker5Nigerian Communications Commission
The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The Commission is responsible for creating an enabling environment for competition among operators in the industry as well as ensuring the provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

The Commission has need for quantitative image research and media content analysis of what is being reported in the media about NCC, and that of all telecom service providers which are important in determining public perception and decision making of the industry and key players. This we have the honour to provide.

piecemaker6Seplat Petroleum Development Company
Seplat Petroleum Development company, a leading indigenous oil and gas company in Nigeria needed to position herself as not just an energy company, but as farmers of good fortune, planting seeds of progress on the soil of the communities in which they operate through an engaging, empowering but less physical programme among the youths. The solution was the creation of the PEARLs Quiz competition among secondary school students in Edo and Delta States and the Undergraduate Scholarships for indigenes of Edo & Delta States who are in federal & state universities across the country. Image Consultants has responsibility for organising the competition that takes about four months from start to finish

access-bankAccess Bank
Since her acquisition of Intercontinental Bank, Access Bank has become much bigger and therefore assumed a new profile and is bound to attract more reportage from the media. Like FirstBank, the Bank requires a monthly monitored and analysed report of her media output to guide her approach to media relations. This we have the honour to provide.



piecemaker1Nigerian Breweries Plc
A leading beverage company in Nigeria and well-known for its success in the alcoholic segment viz Star, Gulder and Legend, NB Plc needed to re-assert her position in the soft drinks section through an engaging, empowering but less physical programme among the youths.

The solution was the creation of Maltina National Reading Competition. Organised among secondary school pupils nationwide, it has as its major objective the promotion of a reading culture. Television is good but reading exercises the brain. The competition was developed in a way that every secondary school in the country has the opportunity to participate because of the wide reach, penetration and the structure of the competition.

Image Consultants has responsibility for organising the competition that takes about three months from start to finish.

Through the programme, NB Plc has not only been able to fulfil her CSR obligation but also enrich Maltina’s core brand activities especially those directed at the youth. Maltina is now seen as a drink that nourishes not just the body but also the mind.

royalexchangeRoyal Exchange Healthcare
Royal Exchange HealthCare Limited (a Health Management Organisation) is a subsidiary of the Royal Exchange Assurance Plc, and we have derived extreme satisfaction in having been involved with developing its communication culture from the early beginnings.

In her quest to reach prospects all over the country, the company needed a simple and low-budget material that will provide information about the company and the various services she renders.

The result was the design and production of a four-fold brochure that appeals to both their High Net-Worth prospects and those that require low-cost health policy.



PromasidorPromasidor Nigeria
Promasidor is a leading manufacturer of quality food products with house-hold brands like Cowbell, Top Tea, Amila drink and Onga food seasoning.

We provided design, and editorial consultancy services that led to the production of an excellent house magazine – ‘Promasidor News’. The magazine has always been produced in line with the company’s policy of educating and informing her staff, giving them the opportunity to express themselves as well as pride in the success of the company.

Interconnect Clearinghouse Nigeria Ltd
Interconnect Nigeria is a telecommunication clearing house company set-up to act as an intermediary between the operators (GSM and PTO’s) in the sector, in order to ensure seamless connectivity.

Image Consultants Limited at inception was the official PR firm of the company; and in this capacity, we offered media relations, issues management and corporate communications services. We were proud to have been able to make good use of our contacts in the media who are experienced journalists and broadcasters to provide a steady outlet of news releases and features.

Cadbury-LogoCadbury Nigeria Plc
Cadbury Nigeria Plc, makers of Nigeria’s leading food drink, Bournvita, was the proud sponsor of the Bournvita Education Reporters Awards (BERA); which was a component part of the Bournvita Teachers Award (BTA). We are happy to have had the responsibility of organising the award which aided the company’s relationship with education reporters covering the BTA.