icon-talking-tipsOrganizational Communication
This is about managing the totality of our client’s culture and behaviour and how every stakeholder of the organisation sees the business. It is vital for morale, innovation and transformation. Measurable, value-added communication is the modern lubricant and vehicle that helps to manage and focus perception and behaviour along desired and productive lines. It builds the relationships which fixed organisations need to be effective and stay ahead. Within the ambit of organisational communication, we offer problem-solving services such as:

image4Employee Communication:
This is a growing and critical need at this time of Nigeria. It is about the process of effectively reaching all employees and bringing about desired standards of productive action and behaviour. It translates the slogan “our people are our greatest asset” into effective management action for measurable, beneficial results.

For companies in the throes of growth and change, “right sizing”, “re-structuring”, or other management changes, we offer communication counsel and services that ease the difficulties of managing expectation before, during and after such trying periods, especially within the workforce where communication dispels suspicion, discourage rumour mongering and galvanises people to appropriate action for the good of the organisation.

news-iconHouse Journal Management:
“Your publication is nice, but is it necessary?” Many a House Journal or Newsletter looks very nice indeed. Some are even excellently written and produced. However, few are worth their weight in Naira. Few serve any real purpose beyond a vague, cosmetic feel-good factor.

At Image Consultants, we help make the magazine a component of the organizational communication process, a potent force for motivation, moral building, shared vision and therefore a major contributor to the achievement of company goals.

Issues Management:
Global, local and intramural happenings (evident or latent) can have unforeseen effects on the business or can unexpectedly surface as problems within the workplace. We have skill, experience, and reach to forecast, follow and interpret the events of these confusing times. We present them as digestible, meaningful intelligence for decision making.

quote_iconMedia Relations and Publicity
We have extensive contacts in and deep knowledge of the Mass Media. Clients are therefore assured of a professionally articulated and effective media partnership geared towards the enhancement of corporate goals.
As media consultants we guide and monitor clients’ relationship with the media by offering proactive advice, issuing periodic reports and advising on trends, and media management on issues of interest.

Client will have at all times a clear knowledge of how such issues are perceived in the media and how they may be reported and editorialized. This enables client to be proactive in positioning her goods and services as well as corporate goals advantageously.

Media Monitoring (Print & Online)
Image Consultants offers a full range of well edited media monitoring services. We deliver to your specified e-mail address (es) for onward piping (delivery) into your organisation’s intranet service. We search for, capture and provide you with the news that your executives need and also an insight into what your competitors are up to in the news.

The package comes with full headline, the source and a brief summary of the article pertinent to you and your organisation as well articles regarding your competitors. This will be delivered to your mailbox at 08.30hrs.

We have well trained and qualified editors that determine which stories best suit your organisation and are needed by top management staff for decision making.

PR-icon-512x512What we monitor
From City People to This Day, we read virtually all newspapers in Nigeria and deliver to you clippings of what is being reported about you, your industry and other relevant segments. The range includes;

Traditional Daily Newspapers
Non-Daily/Weekly Newspapers
Trade Magazines
Soft-sell magazines
Regional Newspapers

Media Content Analysis
Media Content Analysis is a specialised aspect of a Content Analysis. It is a systematic research method used to study the media and its impact through a number of variables. MCA goes beyond the old ways of analysis (Media Clippings and Advertising Value Equivalent) which do not provide insights, discussion or the interpretation of the coverage in which case, drawing judgements about the actual content is then dependent on the recipient of the report.

MCA is a more detailed analysis that can show the tone or the mood of the contents in the media and also give an opportunity for analysing the correctness of what the media is reporting – whether there are errors, omissions and misstatements of basic facts.
We offer a media content analysis that will help your organisation decide and plan her media relations goals and as well fit these goals into the company’s overall communications objectives and brand values, while also benchmarking results against competitors.

identity-iconCSR/ Brand and Product Promotion
At various times, we have helped our clients who seek a more robust CSR programme that will both project the human face of the company as well as promote their brands amongst the specified target.

In this area we work together with Clients’ marketing managers and executives by providing precisely target information and publicity back-up as well as event management services. We also design and produce first class radio and television programmes that help to sell products.

Reputation Management (Image Audits)
For companies and individuals that wish to re-examine or revalidate old perceptions and image reputation assumptions, our image audit expertise and experience are invaluable. There is no alternative to scientific determination of what employees and other stakeholders really think. From that, we proceed to manage perceptions and build reputations that directly help to grow the business.

Public Speaking and Media Engagement
This is a specialized service designed to meet a clearly identifiable and growing need in Nigeria’s current and future business environment.

The return of democracy brings with it the promise of a more liberalized civil and economic climate. It also promises even greater competition and media vibrancy in the reportage of both public and corporate affairs. Corporate executives and others in leadership positions must therefore acquire the skills necessary to move audiences and influence opinion and action, through memorable public appearances in challenging situations, in addition to the skill and ability to deal with the media to advantage.

This is not an area of our prime focus. Advertising is sometimes called a “tool” of public relations. We offer advertising services therefore as a component of the full process of managing perceptions or, in special cases, a stand-alone effort for products, services, and organizations as desired.

Financial Public Relations
For young companies going public or for older companies involved in special issues, new acquisitions and mergers, we offer an integrated programme of internal and external stakeholder communication that ensures a smooth transition and full acceptance. We manage all stakeholders’ expectations by creating messages and information that support clients’ business ideas and goals.

Events Management
We make your events speak volumes! From AGMs to other special occasions such as cocktails, dinner parties and special meetings, clients need only have the barest idea of what the message is and what they wish the event to achieve.

Public Affairs/Government Relations
We undertake effective lobby activities for those who have need to reach busy and difficult to access governmental officials, as well as legislators in the National and State Assemblies, as part of the process of creating understanding and winning goodwill. Image Consultants will also consult for all levels of government to the peoples.