Organizational Communication

This is about managing the totality of our client’s culture and behaviour and how every stakeholder of the organisation sees the business. It is vital for morale, innovation and transformation. Measurable, value-added communication is the modern lubricant and vehicle that helps to manage and focus perception and behaviour along desired and productive lines. It builds the relationships which fixed organisations need to be effective and stay ahead. Within the ambit of organisational communication, we offer problem-solving services such as:

Employee Communication:

This is a growing and critical need at this time of Nigeria. It is about the process of effectively reaching all employees and bringing about desired standards of productive action and behaviour. It translates the slogan "our people are our greatest asset" into effective management action for measurable, beneficial results.

For companies in the throes of growth and change, "right sizing", "re-structuring", or other management changes, we offer communication counsel and services that ease the difficulties of managing expectation before, during and after such trying periods, especially within the workforce where communication dispels suspicion, discourage rumour mongering and galvanises people to appropriate action for the good of the organisation.

House Journal Management:

"Your publication is nice, but is it necessary?" Many a House Journal or Newsletter looks very nice indeed. Some are even excellently written and produced. However, few are worth their weight in Naira. Few serve any real purpose beyond a vague, cosmetic feel-good factor.

At Image Consultants, we help make the magazine a component of the organizational communication process, a potent force for motivation, moral building, shared vision and therefore a major contributor to the achievement of company goals.

Issues Management:

Global, local and intramural happenings (evident or latent) can have unforeseen effects on the business or can unexpectedly surface as problems within the workplace. We have skill, experience, and reach to forecast, follow and interpret the events of these confusing times. We present them as digestible, meaningful intelligence for decision making.