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Media Monitoring (Print & Online)

Image Consultants offers a full range of well edited media monitoring services. We deliver to your specified e-mail address (es) for onward piping (delivery) into your organisation’s intranet service. We search for, capture and provide you with the news that your executives need and also an insight into what your competitors are up to in the news. The package comes with full headline, the source and a brief summary of the article pertinent to you and your organisation as well articles regarding your competitors. This will be delivered to your mailbox at 08.30hrs. We have well trained and qualified editors that determine which stories best suit your organisation and are needed by top management staff for decision making.

What we monitor

From City People to This Day, we read virtually all newspapers in Nigeria and deliver to you clippings of what is being reported about you, your industry and other relevant segments. The range includes;

Traditional Daily Newspapers

Non-Daily/Weekly Newspapers

Trade Magazines

Soft-sell magazines

Regional Newspapers

Media Content Analysis

Media Content Analysis is a specialised aspect of a Content Analysis. It is a systematic research method used to study the media and its impact through a number of variables. MCA goes beyond the old ways of analysis (Media Clippings and Advertising Value Equivalent) which do not provide insights, discussion or the interpretation of the coverage in which case, drawing judgements about the actual content is then dependent on the recipient of the report. MCA is a more detailed analysis that can show the tone or the mood of the contents in the media and also give an opportunity for analysing the correctness of what the media is reporting – whether there are errors, omissions and misstatements of basic facts. We offer a media content analysis that will help your organisation decide and plan her media relations goals and as well fit these goals into the company’s overall communications objectives and brand values, while also benchmarking results against competitors.


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